Essential tips for property sellers

When prospective buyers come to view your home, you may think it is more friendly to accompany them and chat while they walk around your property.

However, most estate agents will advise you to keep a low profile in case you say the wrong thing at a critical point in the viewing process.

Their advice is that you complete the disclosure form before your home is listed. Then, on viewing days, you should briefly welcome any buyers your agent brings around before disappearing into the background.


Unless the viewers ask you a specific question, for instance, whether there are shops or a bus stop nearby, it’s best not to volunteer any information about the neighbourhood.

In particular, there are some topics you should never bring up:

  • How quiet or busy the neighbourhood is. Buyers may not be looking for the same atmosphere or activities that you do.
  • How many children are there in the area, or how close your home is to the schools. Not everyone has schoolgoing children or wants to live near a school.
  • How many prospective buyers have been to view your property. They might wonder why they should want it if none of the other viewers made an offer.
  • How pleasant your church, synagogue or mosque is. It’s best not to mention faith or religion to strangers.
  • How recent your renovations are. The bathroom you revamped a year ago might seem outdated to viewers with different tastes.
  • Your reasons for selling, such as moving to a bigger or smaller home. If buyers have a similar family structure, they may think your home is too small for them or too big and expensive to run.
  • Your recent divorce or the death of a family member that has prompted you to sell. Many buyers may be put off by this sort of information.
  • The fact that you are moving overseas or to another town or have already bought another home. Buyers may think you need to sell quickly, so you will be more inclined to accept a lower price.

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A reliable estate agent with experience in your area should be able to give you useful tips on the best ways to communicate with prospective buyers

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