How to choose the best area to live in

When you buy a home you are also buying into the neighbourhood.

When you buy a home you are also buying into the neighbourhood. Make sure it suits your lifestyle…

That’s why it’s important to identify the wants and needs you have of your home and the location before making the commitment to home ownership.

From crime rates to area amenities, there are many things that need to be considered. So begin by determining what’s most important to you as a home owner in the long term. Drawing up a list can be a good place to start and you can include the following factors as a starting point:

• Do you prefer a quiet suburb or a bustling central business district?
• Do you have the need for public transport?
• Do you commute to work?  And if so, what distance are you prepared to travel every day?
• Do you need to be close to schools?
• Are you looking for an area with certain schools or places of worship?
• What amenities would you like to have close by (gyms, shopping malls, etc)?
• Is the area within preferred proximity to family members?
• What is the ideal view you are looking for (beach, ocean, mountain, etc)?

Choose the best area to live in

When deciding about a property purchase as a long term investment, the selection of your location plays an important role.

For future re-sale purposes it’s always better to buy a reasonable home in a good area than a cheaper home in a bad area. Therefore any prospective home buyer should take a careful look around before deciding to live in any area.

Important concerns for an area are the crime rate and the overall impression by local residents.

Indicators of a good area are:

• Visible family areas
• Visible crime control actions, such as: patrolling security companies and neighbourhood watch
• Noise control
• Well maintained homes and buildings

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